Welcome to the official website of the Medicine Hat Clay Target Center!

The Medicine Hat Clay Target Center — formerly known as the Medicine Hat Trap Club — is a non-profit organization of gun enthusiasts looking to promote and grow the sport of trap shooting. The club was founded in 1976, starting out with two traps and only 40 members. Since then it has greatly expanded and now has nearly 400 members and offers four trap machines, four trap houses and includes ten station Sporting Clays situated on an impressive Triple Threat C-can setup.

The Medicine Hat Clay Target Center hosts weekly shoots three days a week as well as practices on some weekends and weekdays. Our season generally opens around March and closes around October, depending on weather. Anyone interested in joining or just wanting more information about the sport is encouraged to call, email or come check out the action to learn more!

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Member News

Neil Burbidge

On the July 5-7 weekend Neil Burbidge won the Western Zone Singles Championship. He shot 200/200 plus 3 rounds of shoot offs. There were 11 clubs competing and the shoot was telephonic. This is a significant win as some of the best shooters in North America reside in the Western States and Provinces.

Neil Burbidge

On July 7th, Medicine Hat Clay Target Center member Neil shot his 75,000th singles target at Montana State Championships in Helena. Congratulations Neil!

Electrical Power Fundraiser

Click here to view the final Electrical Project Report and Thank-You letter.

The following list is reflects the donations to the electrical supply project. Please note that we need to raise at least $40,000.00 and hope to obtain a matching grant of the same amount before we can proceed. Without this the club will be in some difficulty.

Click here to download the final donation list. Updated August 25.

Donation progress chart

Platinum Donations ($2500+)

  • Harold Schwandt
  • Trevor Kuhn (in kind)
  • Tim Davis

Gold Donations ($1000 - $2499)

  • Thomas Hulit
  • Rob Tetrault
  • Gerald Freedman
  • Warren VanCuren
  • Aaron Oland
  • Murray Chev Cadillac
  • Stewart Long
  • 1225546 Alberta Ltd.
  • The Outdoorsman
  • Garry Ruff
  • Doug Stober
  • Gerron Hogg
  • Chris Baba
  • Jim Behrman
  • Anonymous
  • Len Olsen

Silver Donations ($500 - $999)

  • Ken Enslen
  • Doug Leong
  • SF Scott Manufacturing
  • Darren Roberts
  • Dynamic Heavy Haul
  • Dwight Smith
  • Art & Diane Peyton
  • ETB Chartered Accountants
  • Graham Brigden
  • 5 Guys with Guns
  • Neil Burbidge
  • Lydell Wenzel
  • Gideon Mandel
  • Mick Turnbull
  • Kevin Cole
  • Randy Humphrey
  • Doug's Vac Truck Service
  • Anonymous
  • Kirk Riste

Bronze Donations ($100 - $499)

  • Howard Schwandt
  • Rod Huffman
  • Jackie Taylor
  • Brandon Ternes
  • Al Stewart
  • Henry Klaudt
  • Rod Marshall
  • Ed Fauth
  • Tim Scory
  • Wayne Lyman
  • Darryll Austin
  • Richard Oster
  • Walter Eisenlohr
  • Ted Bierbach
  • Pat Galipeau
  • Gerald Wells
  • Dan Vogel
  • Lisa Salt / Gord Fowler
  • Steve Willianson
  • Garth Seitz
  • Randy Hunt
  • Larry Ivany
  • Todd Valkenburg
  • Colin Jackson
  • Anonymous
  • Blair Humphrey
  • Taron Humphrey
  • Gerry Tessman
  • Shaun McNeil

Sustaining Donations (Under $100)

  • Guillaume Audren

Thank you to all who donated so far! We need to raise $40,000.00 to complete the electrical project. After August 1st we will no longer have electric power at the club. Please make this a priority. For more information about donating, please contact Harold Schwandt at design@memlane.com

Our impressive, recently expanded facility includes:

  • 4 Trap Machines
  • 10 Station Sporting Clays on Triple Threat C-can Setup.
  • Club House